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what to expect

Free initial phone consultation

This relaxed conversation gives you the opportunity to ask questions and decide if I am the right counselor for your needs. After you share a brief description of your current challenges, I will give you feedback about how I can help. Then we work together to schedule your first therapy appointment. If we decide you would be better served with another therapist, I will offer appropriate referrals.


Your first therapy appointment

The first appointment is longer than other sessions in order to allow time for us to get to know one another. I will complete a comprehensive health assessment, while you share as much of your background and current situation as feels comfortable for you. Together, we will formulate goals based on your personal priorities. We will also review privacy documents and policies.

75 minutes: $145


Regular therapy sessions

Your second and ongoing counseling sessions will address the specific goals identified during your first visit. Working together, we will formulate strategies, practice coping skills, and assemble a personalized "toolkit" to help manage your present and expected problems. Length of treatment varies based on your goals. With weekly visits and consistent practice of new skills, you will likely achieve your grief therapy goals in 4-6 months. 

50 minutes: $120

Office Location

My office is conveniently located inside

Crossroads Wellness and Rehab, near McGee's Crossroads in Johnston County,

exit 319 from I-40.


Crossroads Wellness includes chiropractic care, counseling, and massage therapy.

Comfortable therapy office
Comfortable therapy office

Johnston Integrative Counseling, PLLC

58 Old Roberts Rd, Benson NC 27504

near McGee's Crossroads



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