You handle crisis situations every day,

but no one talks about it

When you can’t break

the code of silence,

you can break the cycle

Grief counseling for people who don’t typically go to counseling.

I'm talking to YOU:

  • first responders

  • health care providers

  • public safety officers

  • crisis workers 




You are strong enough to deal with life and death situations every day, so how do you stay strong in the face of daily tragedy? 

As a true leader, you know you need support and healing to stay at the top of your game:

 to best serve your team,

your community, and your family.

How can you get back at the top of your game?

Pam Kuras, Grief Counselor

Pam Kuras, LCSW

Grief Counselor

Grief counseling

with NO nonsense

a short term, structured program:


and customized system

for when you are

ready for change and

you want results ASAP.

You know you need help,

but you don’t want to “see a shrink.” 

You are not interested in

fluffy talk about your “feelings.”

You are not interested in rehashing childhood wounds over and over. 

You want a short-term system with measurable results.

You are ready for change.


Every day, you deal with

grief, loss, and burnout.

You are stressed, overwhelmed, and feel out of control.

You can't focus.

You can't sleep.


You are tired and angry all the time.

How are you dealing with all that stress?

Oh, the usual ways, I bet:

  • working too much

  • drinking too much

  • zoning out playing video games

  • spending your whole day off bingeing on food, Netflix or sports

How is all that working for you? 

Is escapism and avoidance and self-medicating solving your problems?




At Johnston Integrative Counseling,

you learn practical skills

to use at work and home.

So you can feel better immediately.





Keep stuffing the trauma down every day, and eventually you will explode.

Right now, you are stuck in survival mode.

Why should you get help now? 

  • To be less affected by your work, so you can be more effective in your work

  • You want to shift from merely surviving to excelling

  • So you feel strong and in control again

  • Because you are a leader with a servant’s heart

  • So you can serve your team and family with your very best

  • Because your work matters to your community 

  • So you can live your courageous life to its fullest

Comprehensive Grief Support


Rave Reviews

*clients' names withheld to protect privacy

Grief is so hard, but you have given us some real skills that we can use going forward for the “waves” to come.

"You seem to be a natural at it, as well as so aptly educated, and I thank you for all you did to assist and comfort me. I would recommend you to everyone in need of that shoulder of yours! If we all had your strength of compassion, what a better world it would be."

"Your light shines bright for all to see! Your kind heart and gentle nature will never be forgotten.

Thank you so much for being you."

"There is no grief like the grief that does not speak."

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Johnston Integrative Counseling, PLLC


Specialized Grief Support

"Leadership is not about being in charge.

Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge."

- Simon Sinek, author

How can you take care of others if you are not taking care of yourself?


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