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Pam Kuras


Your struggle is real.

Look, I get it. I have endured my own share of trauma and grief. I can teach you what I have learned from my own experiences, as well as the long term solutions that work for my past clients.

I supplement all that experience with the latest in neuroscience research to put together the very best program for your current issues.


I have worked in health care settings for nearly 30 years, with a focus on midlife and older adults, cancer patients, women’s health, and hospice families. As a matter of fact, everyone in my extended family works in the medical or public safety field.


I earned a Master of Social Work degree from North Carolina State University, and completed the extensive training and board examination required to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of North Carolina (License #C012358).


I am also licensed as an out-of-state telehealth provider in the the state of Florida: #TPSW314.


My Certified Grief Counselor designation was achieved after a rigorous 100 hour post-grad program and examination through the American Academy of Grief Counseling. I also serve my community as a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) and meditation teacher, specializing in restorative and senior yoga for all abilities.



  • sudden or traumatic death

  • substance-related death: opioids, alcohol, etc.

  • suicide or overdose

  • cancer and serious illness

  • car accidents

  • complicated or prolonged grief​

Pam Kuras, Grief Counselor

Recent Advanced Trainings:

  • Prolonged Grief Disorder Therapy

  • The Body Keeps the Score Trauma Conference

  • Ethics for the Counseling Professions

  • Military Culture and Deployment

  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy


Our adorable dog, Molly, at Lake Benson.


Everyone loves a puppy pic, right?



My family has lived in rural Johnston County for 16 years. My husband and I enjoy camping and exploring local hiking trails with our little dog, Molly. Our two young adult children live nearby.

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