Grief Counseling


Individual adult grief counseling

  • weekly one-on-one therapy

  • based on your personal needs: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual

  • using the latest in evidence-based treatment

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In your individual grief counseling session, you will receive customized education about your unique grief process in a private environment and learn practical skills to address your individual needs and relationship issues. Together, we will examine how your life has forever changed, including your personal identity, roles, and lifestyle.


You will learn how:

  • to address the painful emotions that come up, including sadness, anger, fear, shame, guilt, blame, and loneliness. This means not shoving them down deep into your consciousness and hoping they go away on their own.

  • to redefine your relationship with your loved one who died, so that you can maintain a solid, enduring connection with them, even if they are not physically present.

What is Normal Grief?


What is Complicated Grief?

Grief Support Group

  • professionally facilitated

  • structured 8 week group

  • educational and therapeutic for adults

  • safe and confidential setting

  • next session will start January 2020

  • ask me about a custom grief support group for your own needs


My grief support groups are not the typical “free support groups” led by minimally-trained laypersons that you might find at a church or other community setting. As a grief specialist, my groups are professionally-facilitated and include detailed, research-based information about the grief process.


Group members learn from the experience of others who are coping with similar grief. Members make enduring connections with each other, because they often understand your grief experience more deeply than close friends and family. Grief support groups allow you to explore your own grief with the support of others who are going through similar challenges, which is especially helpful if you feel alone in your grief.

Group Grief Counseling: Don't Go It Alone

Common types of grief my clients are experiencing

  • ​​Death of a close family member or friend

  • Death as a result of alcohol or drugs

  • Overdose or suicide

  • Cancer or other life-limiting illness
  • Care-giving for a person with dementia, addiction, or mental illness

  • Difficult divorce

  • Stressful relationships

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